If you own an Alcatel Android Smartphone or Tablet and now looking for its USB driver so that you can connect your device to a Windows-based computer. Then you are on a right page here we have provided a list of Alcatel USB drivers for all models.

Download Alcatel usb Drivers

Alcatel was established in established in 2004 as a joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent of France and TCL Communication of China. The company is the manufacturer of the One Touch mobile and tablet series. Alcatel OneTouch is an international mobile technology brand which designs, develops, and markets globally a growing range of mobile and internet devices.

Benefits of having Alcatel USB driver Installed

  1. It will let you connect your Alcatel Android Smartphone or tablet to the windows computer and enable data transfer from phone to computer and vice-versa.
  2. It also allows you to install Alcatel stock firmware, rooting and custom ROM development.

As Alcatel doesn’t provide any PC suite software for its devices, so it is hard to connect their devices to a computer without having installed an appropriate USB driver for them. So download Alcatel USB drivers, and install it in your computer and browse your Alcatel device with your Laptop or PC.

Download Alcatel USB Drivers

Alcatel Device ModelDownload Link
Alcatel Idol 5sDownload USB Driver
Alcatel Idol 5Download USB Driver
Alcatel A7 XLDownload USB Driver
Alcatel A7Download USB Driver
Alcatel U5 HDDownload USB Driver
Alcatel PulsemixDownload USB Driver
Alcatel Idol 5s (USA edition)Download USB Driver
Alcatel Flash (2017)Download USB Driver
Alcatel U5Download USB Driver
Alcatel A5 LEDDownload USB Driver
Alcatel A3Download USB Driver
Alcatel A3 XLDownload USB Driver
Alcatel Shine LiteDownload USB Driver
Alcatel Pixi 4 Plus PowerDownload USB Driver
Alcatel Fierce 4Download USB Driver
Alcatel X1Download USB Driver
Alcatel Pixi 4 (5")Download USB Driver
Alcatel Flash Plus 2Download USB Driver
Alcatel POP 7 LTEDownload USB Driver
Alcatel Pop 4SDownload USB Driver
Alcatel Pop 4+Download USB Driver
Alcatel Pop 4Download USB Driver
Alcatel Idol 4sDownload USB Driver
Alcatel Idol 4Download USB Driver
Alcatel Pixi 4 (7" Tablet)Download USB Driver
Alcatel 1T 7Download USB Driver
Alcatel 1T 10Download USB Driver
Alcatel 3cDownload USB Driver
Alcatel 1xDownload USB Driver
Alcatel 3Download USB Driver
Alcatel 3xDownload USB Driver
Alcatel 3vDownload USB Driver
Alcatel 5Download USB Driver
Alcatel 5vDownload USB Driver
Alcatel 7Download USB Driver


  1. The Alcatel USB drivers given above are official. So, if you get any errors while installing these drivers, contact their support team or even you can comment on product listing page.
  2. If your Alcatel Android device is not listed in above list, please do a comment with your model no. We will update it here soon.
  3. For Windows Only – The USB drivers provided above are only for Windows-based pc. So, it will not work on MAC or Linux-based operating systems.
  4. Request New Driver – Please don’t use contact us page for requesting new device driver, you should request it via commenting on this page only( If you request us via contact us page most probably it will be ignored).

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  1. one touch 6010d

  2. Need usb default driver for Flip 2, Model#40440, SKU: S027B, IMEI: 014685009216518, must work on lenovo ideapad 110, model#80UD007KUS. I have called your support over and over. My case number is #8LC1681736. I bought this phone only for pictures so my grandson could see pictures and videos without messing up my phone. So far, I haven’t had anyone there who could help me move pictures and videos from my windows 10 computer to the phone. I just spent another hour with microsoft, your people suggested it, and they finally said to download the default usb driver from lenovo website. They don’t have a default usb driver for my computer or this phone. I’ve been too busy with classwork and getting my certification to mess around with this. It should have been a simple process, so I didn’t keep the packaging. I purchased this phone May 1, 2019 from Best Buy. I can’t believe its this hard to just transfer pictures to this phone. If you can’t provide a driver so I can simply move pictures from my laptop to the phone, I would like my money back and you can have the phone. I’ll try Best Buy first, but if they won’t, I would expect you to make me whole. It really is a shame since my three sisters and two of my brothers thought this a great idea for their grandkids also. Please let me know what I should do. Either I have to return this to Best Buy, or you have a driver solution that none of your people know. I know I’m coming off as a mean person, but I really don’t have any spare time since I have an extremely hard four hour certification exam I need to prepare for while working full time.

    Looking so forward to hear from you,
    M.J. Davies
    E-mail: [email protected]

  3. I need a software driver for Alcatel onetouch 2012G please. I am using PC Windows 7.

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