If you own a BLU Android Smartphone or Tablet and now looking for its USB driver so that you can connect your device to a Windows-based computer. Then you are on a right page here we have provided a list of BLU USB drivers for all models.

Download Blu usb Drivers

BLU Products is an American mobile phone manufacturer founded in 2009 and headquartered in Doral, a suburb of Miami, Florida. This company makes budget Android Smartphones targeted at people living in developing countries.

Benefits of having BLU USB driver Installed

  1. It will let you connect your BLU Android Smartphone or tablet to the windows computer and enable data transfer from phone to computer and vice-versa.
  2. It also allows you to install BLU stock firmware, rooting and custom ROM development.

As BLU doesn’t provide any PC suite software for its devices, so it is hard to connect their devices to a computer without having installed an appropriate USB driver for them. So download BLU USB drivers, and install it in your computer and browse your BLU device with your Laptop or PC.

Download BLU USB Drivers

BLU Device ModelDownload Link
Blu Live XLDownload USB Driver
BLU Dash L5 LTEDownload USB Driver
BLU Dash L4 LTEDownload USB Driver
BLU Grand 5.5 HD IIDownload USB Driver
BLU Life One X3Download USB Driver
BLU R2 PlusDownload USB Driver
BLU Studio G3Download USB Driver
BLU Grand M2 LTEDownload USB Driver
BLU C5 LTEDownload USB Driver
BLU Grand M2Download USB Driver
BLU C5Download USB Driver
BLU S1Download USB Driver
BLU Grand XL LTEDownload USB Driver
BLU Touchbook M7Download USB Driver
BLU Studio ProDownload USB Driver
BLU Studio G MiniDownload USB Driver
BLU Vivo 8Download USB Driver
BLU Studio J8Download USB Driver
BLU Studio J8 LTEDownload USB Driver
BLU Touchbook M7 ProDownload USB Driver
BLU Grand MiniDownload USB Driver
BLU R2 LTEDownload USB Driver
BLU R2Download USB Driver
BLU Tank Xtreme ProDownload USB Driver
BLU Studio J1Download USB Driver
BLU Grand X LTEDownload USB Driver
BLU Grand XLDownload USB Driver
BLU Studio J2Download USB Driver
BLU Studio MegaDownload USB Driver
BLU R1 PlusDownload USB Driver
BLU Studio Selfie LTEDownload USB Driver
BLU Life One X2 MiniDownload USB Driver
BLU Dash L3Download USB Driver
BLU Advance 4.0 L3Download USB Driver
BLU Vivo XL2Download USB Driver
BLU Vivo 5 MiniDownload USB Driver
BLU Grand MaxDownload USB Driver
BLU Grand EnergyDownload USB Driver
BLU Grand MDownload USB Driver
BLU Grand XDownload USB Driver


  1. The BLU USB drivers given above are official. So, if you get any errors while installing these drivers, contact their support team or even you can comment on product listing page.
  2. If your BLU Android device is not listed in above list, please do a comment with your model no. We will update it here soon.
  3. For Windows Only – The USB drivers provided above are only for Windows-based pc. So, it will not work on MAC or Linux-based operating systems.
  4. Request New Driver – Please don’t use contact us page for requesting new device driver, you should request it via commenting on this page only( If you request us via contact us page most probably it will be ignored).

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